These are the bloggers‘ favorite christmas meals

  1. eat this!
    The vegan food blog „eat this!“ is not about abstaining from food, because the recipes of Nadine and Jörg are bursting with creative ideas. They show: Vegan can really everyone! When they are not developing recipes, they work as graphic designers and web workers.

What’s your favorite food for Christmas?
We definitely love it hearty at Christmas! Since we like to experiment, there’s always something different – this year for example a delicious sweet potato strudel with mushrooms, spinach and pine nuts.

Do you have any tips for a vegan Christmas dinner?
Seasonal winter vegetables can often conjure up the most amazing dishes. This year we’re serving black salsify soup as a starter. The root has more than earned the name „winter asparagus“ – so fine and delicious! There are some scorned winter vegetables, such as parsley root or parsnip, with which imaginative recipes can be prepared. Just try them out!

  1. theresas kitchen
    Fresh ingredients and lots of creativity – food blogger Theresa loves fine and down-to-earth cuisine and loves to share it with friends and family. On her food blog „Theresas Küche“ she shows this with a lot of love for detail – since 2013 even in her TV show of the same name on NDR.

What will Christmas bring to your table?
On Christmas Eve my family has been preparing a fresh organic trout in parchment paper for generations. My grandmother always sang in the choir and therefore could not stand in the kitchen. Of course, the children could hardly wait for the meal after the service in anticipation of the Christ Child. So this dish is just perfect! The trout can be prepared wonderfully and after the church, it only needs to be put in the oven. It is served with potato salad and a winter lamb’s lettuce with fresh nuts from the new harvest.

How do you spend the holidays?
On Christmas Eve we have a long breakfast and in the afternoon we go to the festive church service in the Hamburger Michel. When all the people get up at the end to sing „Oh you cheerful“ together, then it’s Christmas for me! At home we eat together. On Christmas Day we prepare the classic Christmas goose with red cabbage and dumplings together. We also have homemade cookies and stollen!

  1. free crunching
    On Fabiennes Blog „freiknuspern“ everything turns around a life with food intolerances, allergies and asthma. With her creative and delicious recipes, the 23-year-old proves that despite incompatibilities, one can feast on delicious food and does not necessarily have to do without favourite recipes.

What does your Christmas dinner look like?
I like to serve a menu at Christmas. For the starter there is often soup, this year, for example, I’m cooking a beet soup with roasted leek straw. For the main course, I would like to offer something more traditional. I love to eat bread dumplings. These can also be made gluten-free. Then there is usually a roast to go with it. For dessert we make ourselves over the numerous, home-made cookies. But this year I’m also serving delicious chocolate dumplings filled with a marzipan-orange cream.

What should allergy sufferers keep in mind when planning the menu?
I recommend all allergy sufferers to start planning their meals for the holidays a few weeks before Christmas. Because almost all dishes can also be made in an allergy-friendly version and without much effort! This simply requires a little planning and research. So nobody has to do without his favorite dish!

  1. baking bucket
    Whether cupcakes, cakes, cookies or jams – this man can do everything! On his blog „Backbube“ Markus shares the sweet things in life with his readers. The freelance actor discovered his love for baking when he worked in a café while working at the children’s and youth theater. Today he bakes at least twice a week – his stage is now the kitchen.

Where are you celebrating Christmas this year?
I always spend my Christmas holidays with my parents. And since they live in Allgäu, I’m looking forward to it even more! Because I am an absolute winter person and if there is no snow in the city, then at least in the Allgäu. On Christmas Eve we cook together, eat together and mostly play „Mensch ärgere Dich nicht“. That has become a tradition.

What part of the Christmas menu are you responsible for?
I’m always responsible for dessert at Christmas and I like to make a pudding. I am totally crazy about pudding – if it is homemade. The finished powder doesn’t go into the bag, or rather out of the bag. My absolute favorite is my marzipan pudding with cranberries. The light sweetness and the almond aroma harmonize perfectly with the slightly tart cranberries. And a pudding like this looks most beautiful naturally when it is prepared in a special form. Beautiful, old pudding moulds can be found, for example, at antique markets.

  1. family morsels
    „Together it tastes best“ is the motto of Nadja Zimmermann. On her blog „Familienhäppchen“ the mother of two and freelance author gives suggestions on how to design the family table. The recipes should not only be healthy and delicious, but above all uncomplicated.

What do you like to eat on Christmas Eve?
I always look forward to the extended aperitifs and salmon rolls as a starter. For the main course I like fillet in batter or fillet with sauce bérnaise.

Which Christmas dinner do you recommend to stressed parents?
With a fondue chinoise, served with rice or French fries and vegetables you play it safe. Or raclette with various ingredients so that everyone can prepare their own cheese to their own taste: Potatoes, silver onions. Pickles, bacon, mushrooms, chili and served with pineapple, pears or canned lychee. Zero effort, and you can get the ingredients a few days in advance.

The recipe for Nadja’s pear gratin:
For 4 portions you need:

2 egg yolks
1 egg white
2 tablespoons sugar
100 g Mascarpone
1 teaspoon vanilla pulp
2 pears
Powdered sugar
And this is how it works:

Halve the pears, peel them and cut them into fine strips. Distribute in gratin dishes (lay out the whole base).
Cream egg yolk and sugar. Mix in mascarpone and vanilla pulp. Beat the egg white until stiff and fold in.
Pour the cream over the pears and gratinate in the oven (top/bottom heat) at 240°C for approx. 2-3 minutes. Dust with powdered sugar and serve immediately. Here you can read more: